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Ibiza is a dream come true, an idyllic nook where to enjoy the little things of life and unforgettable moments at the shores of a crystal clear sea. It is called the White Island for its unique light, which melts the night and day into a whirlwind of sensations that give meaning to the word "holidays". From Grupotel Hotels & Resorts we invite you to discover this natural oasis where to forget about stress and routine.

The relaxing Ibiza
Arriving in Ibiza means arriving at a place free of stress and rushes, a place with a slow rhythm. Ibiza is synonymous with night, happiness, dance and energy, but also with peace: it is a refuge for those who want to get away from it all and enjoy. Ibiza is the place to be.

Pitiusan capital
Ibiza is the cultural, artistic and heritage capital of the south of the Balearic Islands. Discover the history of more civilisations you can imagine by arriving at the port, crossing the city walls and having a walk around Dalt Vila. Its white roofs and stunning views to the Mediterranean complete a tour around the historic centre of this beautiful city of Vila, capital of the island.

Natural and kind
The less known side of Ibiza, the one that hides from the regular traveller, can only be discover with an adventurous spirit eager to enjoy every moment as if it was unique. Drive along its meandering roads to stunning landscapes and discover the island’s natural parks, its islets and its beautiful coves, such as Cala San Vicente.

Places to visit in Ibiza

Our tipp: discover Dalt Vila and Es Vedra islet during your holidays in Ibiza. 

What to do in Ibiza

The best lunch
The best lunch
S┤Arenal Petit
Cala Mastella

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente is one of the most famous beaches of Ibiza, but it has preserved its charm and its natural surroundings. Cala San Vicente, surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees that give shape to one of the most beautiful woods of the island, is an ideal refuge for couples looking for calmness, families and friends who want to enjoy the most relaxing Ibiza.

Sunrises full of light, meals in front of the sea, unforgettable sunsets... Cala San Vicente is known by the locals as Cala Maians or Sa Cala and it features an eclectic ambiance: from families to youngsters. The beach, of white sand and quiet waters, is a relaxing paradise with good communications with any area of Ibiza. Follow Grupotel Hotels & Resorts´ tips and enjoy your holidays like never before.

What to see and what to do in Cala San Vicente

  • Sunday of drums in Benirrás: Benirrás is one of the most famous coves of Ibiza and one of the few that keeps the hippie spirit that made the island famous around the world. All Sundays at sunset, dozens of kettledrums and drums meet to bid farewell to the sun to the rhythm of a batucada.
  • A bath in Ses Aigües Blanques: this beach surrounded by unspoilt nature is located beyond Cap Roig —one of the end points of Cala San Vicente— and it surprises with its reddish sand and its views to Tagomago island.
  • A cocktail by the sea: Ibiza cannot be understood without its beach clubs. Some of the liveliest ones are precisely located in the area of Cala San Vicente. They offer organic food and delicious cocktails for you to conclude your day contemplating the Mediterranean.
  • A visit to Sant Carles and Santa Gertrudis: two of the most charming localities of Ibiza. These two villages far away from the bustling Playa d´en Bossa and Sant Antoni are havens of peace, refuges of preserved traditions and relaxing ambiance where the environment, eco-friendly activities and craftwork come hand in hand.

Cala San Vicente
Cala San Vicente
A little luxury
Paella and beach


Portinatx is one of the coastal areas of the municipality of San Miguel, in the north of Ibiza, which offers the best quality of life, relax and quietness of the island. It is an authentic paradise in the white island where to enjoy endless nights of party and entertainment. But it is also a haven of peace, quietness and traditions where to discover the least well-known and the most charming and natural side of Ibiza.

Relax on the beach, have a cocktail at sunset near your hotel, have a walk around the narrow streets of the village or let yourself be carried away by the slow rhythm of the north of Ibiza. Portinatx is the perfect setting for a holiday with children in Ibiza, a romantic getaway with your couple or for a trip with friends full of adventures, outdoor activities and baths in the Mediterranean.

What to see and what to do in Portinatx

  • Ibiza´s gastronomy: due to the fact that it is one of the most remote areas from the tourist centres of Ibiza, Portinatx offers one of the most authentic and traditional cuisines of the island, with options for all tastes. Do not miss the supreme dessert: the flaó.
  • The best beaches: Cala Portinatx, S´Arenal Gran and S´Arenal Petit, Cala Xarraca, Cala d´en Serra... The area of Sant Miquel in Ibiza features some of the most natural and unspoilt beaches of the island. Surrounded by Mediterranean lush woods, they are some of the few strands with shaded areas in summer.
  • Submarine safari: diving in the waters of Ibiza is a privilege, especially in the northern area, where marine life seems to be more aware and dynamic than in the vicinity of the tourist areas. Near our hotels in Ibiza you will find several companies that offer really interesting submarine tours along the coast.
  • A visit to Portinatx lighthouse: lighthouses lovers will take pleasure in contemplating this white and black beautiful gem at the northern tip of Ibiza. The less knowledgeable will be conquered by the highest lighthouse of the Balearic Islands, and everybody will delight in the incomparable views of the Mediterranean.

S┤Arenal Petit
S┤Arenal Petit
Portinatx lighthouse
Cala Xarraca

Santa EulÓria

To be a child again, to go all over every nook and souvenir rooted in the rocks of the road, to look ahead and contemplate the sea, to be taken away by the breeze and enjoy a cocktail and a carefree conversation… Holidays in Santa Eulària des Riu are authentic holidays, with the slow motion of the village, full of happiness and unforgettable moments to remember.

The village of Santa Eulària comprises different mythical sandy areas in Ibiza, such as Es Canar beach, a strand of familiar ambiance and little swell which has preserved the hippie essence that has always characterised Ibiza. Here we find the famous markets, the organic gastronomy, the preservation of traditions, the passion for handicrafts... Thousands of details for you to discover with Grupotel Hotels & Resorts.

What to see and what to do in Santa Eulària

  • Enjoy a hippie experience: there is nothing better to enjoy an unforgettable day with your couple than walking along the charming markets of Las Dalias, the area of Sant Carles and Punta Arabí, near Es Canar. Apart from local handicrafts and natural charm, the markets offer endless activities throughout the day.
  • Beaches for everybody: Es Canar, Cala Llonga, Cala Pada, Cala Martina... Perfect bathing areas dot the coastal area of Santa Eulària. And best of all, they are sandy areas and coves of shallow waters and little swell where children and adults will enjoy a safe entertainment throughout the summer.
  • Puig de Missa: one of Ibiza´s highest peaks crowns the village of Santa Eulària and becomes its great sentry. Climbing the hill is a worthy experience, not only because it is a pleasant walk and the town´s church is beautiful, but also because the views from the peak deserve more than one picture.
  • Local gastronomy: Santa Eulària is famous for being the best place in Ibiza for savouring the most traditional dishes. It is also said to serve the best and tastiest sandwiches and tapas of the island. You just need to go through the narrow streets of the city centre and stop at bars and restaurants to try them all.

Santa EulÓria
Santa EulÓria
Hippie market
Cala Martina
The team of Grupotel Hotels & Resorts has been at your service for 50 years. We are looking forward to fulfilling your wishes! Get to know the sunny side of the Balearics.

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