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Take in the mysterious essence of Ciutadella´s streets or let yourself be carried away by the breeze of Mahon´s Port... Menorca is a destination for travellers who want to live an authentic experience in a natural refuge of quietness, peace, Mediterranean air and familiar ambiance. An adventure for sportspeople, a sacred nook for gourmets and the most entertaining theme park for a holiday with children. From Grupotel Hotels & Resorts we have designed a tour for you to feel, smell, taste and listen to the authentic heart of this Mediterranean paradise. Follow us!

Menorca step by step
Discover Menorca step by step, going through its endless paths to stunning nooks that will conquer you from the very beginning: unspoilt coves, lighthouses, cliffs, the countryside, hamlets and ports. One of those indispensable paths is Camí des Cavalls, an old route around the island that will allow you to discover the best kept secrets of the Balearic Islands.

Get lost in the most special coves of Menorca -Cala Rafalet and Cala Escorxada-, where you just need to worry about enjoying.

Pure nature
Menorca boasts of being Natural Reserve of the Biosphere and offers its visitors a perfect outdoor experience, among idyllic landscapes, for recovering the balance of body and mind.

Mediterranean stories
The island of Menorca has a strategic location in the Mediterranean which made it the object of desire of many cultures, the same ones that left their mark on the island´s traditions, its people and its lifestyle. Visit the talaiotic archaeological sites of Menorca and discover the origin and essence of this island.

Dedicate a day to Menorca’s history, bound to its archaeological sites, and do not miss the opportunity to visit Ciutadella.

Places to visit in Menorca

What to do in Menorca

Artrutx´s Lighthouse
Artrutx´s Lighthouse
Cala Rafalet
Talaiotic archeological
Talaiotic archeological
Festivities of San Juan

Cala Canutells

Menorca is an island that offers quietness and shelter in itself, but it also features really special refuges, far away from the most tourist areas. Nooks like Cala Canutells, which despite being just 10 km away from the centre of the capital —Mahon—, offers the intimacy and quietness perfect for a romantic holiday as a couple or for some relaxing and leisure days with your children.

Cala Canutells is located at the mouth of a stream, which makes it a small haven of peace on the south-eastern coast of the island, between Cap Gros and Na Picada hill. Surrounded by Mediterranean nature, it lies close at hand from charming places like Binibeca, Sa Raganeta and Es Caparros. From Grupotel Hotels & Resorts we invite you to discover this fabulous area.

What to see and what to do in Cala Canutells

  • Mediterranean baths with your family: the calmness and safety of this coast have made Es Canutells one of the most recommended nooks for summer family trips: if you have children, you will enjoy like never before and without worries in the waters of this cove.
  • Sea routes in Calescoves: the most stunning cliffs of Menorca are close at hand from Es Canutells, in the area known as Calescoves in reference to its whimsical orography, full of rocks shaped out by the sea, its cliffs of more than 70 metres high and its typical Menorcan vegetation.
  • The village of Binibeca: despite its appearance, the village of Binibeca is not an old fishing town, but a residential area built in 1970 in the likeness of a fishing village. It invites its visitors to have a walk around its small houses, enjoy its familiar ambiance and comfortable services.
  • Ciutadella: all the villages of Menorca are worth a visit... but Ciutadella, the old capital of the island, is an essential stop during your trip. Its old town is of an incomparable beauty and wandering along its intricate streets, its squares and its arcades is an authentic privileged experience. Under the arcades there are several recommendable bars and restaurants, ideal for a tapas route, for savouring a craft beer, a Xoriguer gin and the best Menorcan wines.

Es Canutells
Es Canutells

Cala´n Bosch

A destination made for families with children. Cala´n Bosch is one of the most pleasant beaches of Minorca for you to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining holiday at the shores of the Mediterranean and with all the services within your reach. This cove of turquoise waters, surrounded by nature and close at hand from the fabulous Cap de Artrutx offers you all the necessary amenities.

The area of Cala´n Bosch, located in the south-east of Menorca and within a 15 minute drive to the centre of Ciutadella, features, apart from a stunning beach, a marina and a wide offer of bars and restaurants where to savour some of the best dishes of the famous Menorcan gastronomy. From Grupotel Hotels & Resorts we offer you some useful information so that you make the most of your holidays.

What to see and what to do in Cala´n Bosch

  • Entertaining days with your children: the quiet and familiar ambiance of the area of Cala´n Bosch makes it the ideal destination for a holiday with children. In the surroundings of our hotel Grupotel Aldea Cala´n Bosch there are several playgrounds and tours for families.
  • Gastronomic tour around Ciutadella: the restaurants of the fabulous Ciutadella are a gourmet option for the most demanding palates. They offer all type of typical tapas as well as traditional dishes, such as the caldereta de langosta (lobster stew), typical from Menorca.
  • Sailing and water sports: Cala´n Bosch´s marina offers a wide range of water activities, from rental of boats and catamarans with or without skipper to the practice of diving. The best option is to register in any of the schools of the area or book a session with an instructor, either for kayaking or scuba diving.
  • Artrutx lighthouse: it offers one of the best views of the southeast of Menorca and, on clear days, one can even see Mallorca. Sunsets are an authentic marvel here. One can get to the lighthouse by car, bike or on foot. The walk is pleasant and the surroundings stunning, with the Mediterranean as a backdrop.

Cala´n Bosch

Son Xoriguer

The quiet area of Son Xoriguer, with a beautiful beach of crystal clear waters and familiar ambiance, is one of the most esteemed nooks of the south-eastern coast of Menorca by those who travel with children. It is an immaculate destination where to relax, rest, eat healthy and have fun with your children while enjoying the excelled climate of Menorca. Son Xoriguer is a valued refuge by tourists from all around the world for summer holidays.

Its proximity to the centre of Ciutadella (11 km away) and to areas such as Cala´n Bosch, Cap de Artrutx, Ferreries and Cala Galdana make Son Xoriguer one of the most comfortable holiday areas and with the most services in Menorca. A place from where to discover the rest of the island and enjoy a different and perfect plan every day. From Grupotel Hotels & Resorts we offer you some tips.

What to see and what to do in Son Xoriguer

  • Discovering Cala Parejals: from Son Xoriguer beach, a welcoming cove of fine white sand and little swell, you have access to a section of the Camí de Cavalls (a coastal tour around the island) which connects to a beautiful cove of crystal clear waters called Cala Parejals. And a bit further, the Cova dels Pardals.
  • Bike tour with children: from our hotels in Cala´n Bosch and Son Xoriguer you can access to a route which connects Cap de Artrutx with the beaches. It is an easy, safe and quiet route with a beautiful landscape ideal for children: it starts at the beach, direction Cala´n Bosch, and finishes at the lighthouse.
  • Diving among coral reefs: just in front of Son Xoriguer’s coast we find one of the most emblematic reefs of Menorca´s sea, the so-called Cap de Porc reef, which has become a meeting point for diving lovers for its active and colourful submarine life.
  • Sunset in Cap de Artrutx: with its svelte 45-metre-high lighthouse facing Majorca´s coast -which is clearly visible on cloudless days-, this cape, indefatigable sentry of the boats arriving at the port, offers the best sunsets of the entire coast of Ciutadella.

Excursion day
Excursion day
Submarine trip
Artrutx lighthouse
The team of Grupotel Hotels & Resorts has been at your service for 50 years. We are looking forward to fulfilling your wishes! Get to know the sunny side of the Balearics.

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